Longest Run Before The Big Day

Whenever it comes up that I’m running the London Marathon – which lets face it, is practically every conversation I have right now, especially with new and random people,  the matter of mileage comes in to focus.

“How many miles are you up to?” is the most frequently asked question after “Why?” followed by their response of “I could never do that”.

At a recent family event, I bumped in to my sister-in-law’s uber fit friend, Nicole, who is also running the London Marathon and I found myself making the same enquiry.

During the weekend when all London Marathon runners are arduously running their longest distance to date before the tapering starts, I began to ponder why people are so interested in the distance. Myself included. Why did I (silently?) panic on hearing about her imminent 20 miles in the face of my ‘paltry’ 13.

Is it the biggest indicator of how ready you are to run a marathon? Does it demonstrate your running ability? Or is it people’s polite chitchat with the running bore standing in front of them?

This weekend, I ran 18 miles. It’s my longest distance to date and I sure felt it when it was done. However, I ran it in three parts, over two days. Six miles a pop.

This makes me proud. And also nervous.

How am I going to find the energy to run 8.2 more miles on top of that? And all in one go?

Yikes. I guess that’s what jelly babies and a bloody big crowd are for…

The split training is to help me remain injury free in the lead up to the marathon yet ensures my body is exposed to the miles it has to endure on race day.

They say you never run a marathon before a marathon.

Phew. 18 miles it is.

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